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by Eszter Kanyári

Eszter Kanyári

I’m Eszter Kanyári, originally a designer, economist and event planner. After the birth of my daughter, I felt I needed a creative hobby. As a former designer, I wanted something to do with crafting, but nature-related as well: my love of nature and flowers has always been a great source of pleasure. Plus, I wanted something I could involve my daughter in and have some fun together. In 2018 I attended a workshop to learn the basics, and a day later I bought all the tools and ingredients to get started as a self-taught creator of unconventional floral decor.

My art became so popular, so quickly, that I created my own brand: Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári.


Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári is not your garden variety sugar flower and decor brand. You can’t tell Sugarcraft flowers apart from the real thing. Made of sugar dough, these floral arrangements are the spitting image of flowers and plants you see in nature: each and every petal, leaf fold or seed pattern is moulded to perfection. Plastic flowers are inauthentic. Lifelike sugar flowers, however, put a smile on people’s faces, and become an instant topic of table talk.

The Sugarcraft floral arrangements are available throughout the year, and make you feel as if you are sitting in a flower garden, or walking in an autumn forest. Sugarcraft moulds any flower or plant in any size or colour, making your wildest ideas come true. These arrangements are not only eco-friendly, since they don’t need to be preserved with chemicals, but they also fill your space with a sweet smell, and don’t wilt.


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A Rákellenes Világnapot (World Cancer Day) 2000 óta minden év Február 4-én tartják meg - a világnap és a hozzá kapcsolódó kampányok célja a figyelemfelhívás és a cselekvésre szólítás. „Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte” immár hatodik éve szervezte meg a „World Cancer Day Sugarflowers and Cakes in Bloom” együttműködést.

A Rákellenes Világnapot (World Cancer Day) 2000 óta minden év Február 4-én tartják…